Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Two Years Together

This is why Brandi and I get along so well: because we're both...well, a little strange.

She got home a little earlier than expected last night, early enough that we were able to go out for dinner in celebration of our actual anniversary. We went to Easystreet Cafe, which was awesome as usual.

When we got home after dinner, it was time to exchange gifts. Brandi gave me a partially filled photo album containing shots of our time together. That was really thoughtful, and pretty cool. There were some photos in there that I had almost completely forgotten about, and there are plenty of funny ones (like the one above) in there as well. She also gave me a Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt, which I'll probably wear to work at some point this week.

Brandi received a book from me: Four Centuries of Great Love Poems. Oh, and I also threw in a pair of diamond earrings. She was pretty pleased with both, I think. I know she was hoping for a different diamond accessory, but that'll be coming in due time.

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