Monday, September 12, 2005

Troy 35 Beavercreek 21

Several witty headline possibilities occurred to me for the write-up of this titanic struggle between the Trojans and Beavers, but I thought it best to let everyone make up their own. Go ahead, get it out of your system, and then we'll move on.

I've gone to a lot of high school football games over the years, and I've been to quite a few different high school stadiums. This was my first trip to Frank Zink Field in Beavercreek, and I have to say it's one of the worst stadiums I've visited. There is only one entrance, and it's located on the opposite side of the field from the majority of the parking. Then, once you get inside, the visitor's side bleachers are only about eight rows tall, meaning that even those people who sit at the very top can barely see the game over the heads of the players standing on the sidelines. Why bother having seats where people can't even see the game?

Amy, Brandi, and I arrived as the first quarter ended (since Brandi and I were coming from the Toledo area), and we ended up sitting in the third row. The low vantage point meant that I could only see enough to give me a vague idea of what was actually happening in the game. Fortunately, I found on Saturday morning that Trojanmania was hosting an excellent video highlight reel from the game, so I was able to pick up the finer points of what I had missed.

The Trojans looked good once again and picked up another win, which is the bottom line. Beavercreek was able to move the ball in spots, but Troy got things done when they needed to. Evan Swank was again huge on defense, picking off a pass and batting down another in the endzone on a fourth down play. Wendell Ford played a big role on both sides of the ball, adding an interception on defense, and playing tailback on offense, getting some big yards when the Trojans needed them the most. Unfortunately, I don't have any stats in front of me, but Ford, Ryan Sano, Ryan Boyd, and Dan McCormick all did their part rushing the ball in Troy's ground-chewing Wing-T attack.

With the win, Troy's record improves to 2-1. This Friday they return home, to a stadium where all the spectators can actually see the game, to start conference play against the Vandalia Butler Aviators (1-2).

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