Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rockin' Out

A tip of the cap to Grant for the idea for this post, which is a rundown of my iTunes library. Nothing Earth-shaking, but a fun idea nonetheless.

My iTunes library comprises 3,001 songs (11.59 GB), and I could play music for 8.8 days without a repeat. That's a pretty long time. Following is a list of the first song in the library, the last song, and the first from each letter of the alphabet (when sorted alphabetically by song title).

'Til the Day After - Huey Lewis and the News
A Body Goes Down - Duncan Sheik
Baba - Alanis Morissette
C'est La Vie - Robbie Nevil
Daddy - Jewel
Earth Angel - The Platters
Face of Love - Jewel
G.O.P. - Beth Hart
Hailie's Song - Eminem
I'd Die For You - Bon Jovi
Jack and Diane - John Mellencamp
Kangaroo - David Gray
L'America - The Doors
M - Chantal Kreviazuk
N.F.B. (Dallabnikufesin) - Anthrax
O Holy Night - Josh Groban
Paint it Black - Vanessa Carlton
Quando, Quando, Quando - Michael Buble
Radar Love - White Lion
Sacrifice - Mike Corrado Band
T.B.D. - Live
Uhh in You - Snow
Valley of Lost Souls - Poison
W.M.A. - Pearl Jam
Yeah, You Want It - Danger Danger
Ziller's Meat Bucket - Mike Corrado Band

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