Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Tangled Webs We Weave

(a.k.a. "May the Fourth Be With You")

* Thinking about the wedding got me to thinking about the wedding party and exactly how screwed up the whole situation is. I'm marrying Brandi, obviously. I met Brandi after going out on a few dates with her best friend Cricket, who is Brandi's maid of honor. I met Cricket when she briefly dated my best friend Mike, who is my best man. I met Mike and became his roommate when I came to BGSU because he was dating my friend Jessica, whose husband Matt is one of my groomsmen. As if that weren't quite enough, another of Brandi's bridesmaids (Amy) is a girl I dated back in high school, and her husband (Doug) is another of my groomsmen. All of this should make for some interesting dinner conversation at the reception.

* So the original theatrical versions of the first Star Wars trilogy (episodes VI, V, and VI) are coming to DVD. I'm pretty torn about this. I've already purchased the DVD set, which contains only the special editions, which will be included with these new versions as well. I actually like the special editions, for the most part--I'm really glad, for instance, that they updated the hologram of Emperor Palpatine in The Empire Strikes Back to Ian McDiarmid (who played the role in all the other films) as opposed to Clive Revill. On the other hand, some of the things they changed are irreplaceable, like Han shooting first, Boba Fett's original voice, and "You're lucky you don't taste very good." There are also some changes that weren't made that should have been, like Boba Fett screaming as he goes to his death. What they really need to create are customizable versions that allow you to pick and choose what changes you want to keep or discard. At any rate, I'll probably end up shelling out for these new versions and finding something to do with the DVD set I already have.

* As of today, we are now required to wear nametags at work. I'm not sure exactly why, but this is really bothering me. I suppose I should be glad that my nametag actually has my name on it, though--the last time I had a job that required nametags, I worked there as a temp, meaning I had to wear a "Visitor" tag every day for six months. Anyway, I suppose it's something I'll just have to get used to. They were nice enough to give us two: a lanyard version that can be worn around the neck, and a clip-on version. I haven't yet decided which of them I hate less.

* Congratulations to former BGSU quarterback Omar Jacobs, who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers this past weekend. I think this is a good situation for him. Since the Steelers already have Big Ben Roethlisberger, so Omar will be able to sit and learn without any pressure for a while. I think he'll develop into a pretty good NFL quarterback, but he needs time. He's raw right now. I somehow doubt that being drafted in the 5th round is what he had in mind when he left school early, but at least he got there. Congratulations also to former Falcons Steve Sharon (Jaguars), P.J. Pope (Bears), and Steve Sanders (Browns), who all signed free-agent deals with NFL teams as well.

* We've got a pretty busy weekend coming up, complete with a full-on auditory assault. On Friday night (Cinco de Mayo) we're going to see local '80s cover band Neon Black here in BG. That's always a good time. Brandi's bridal shower is on Saturday afternoon, and so we'll be in her hometown. I'll likely be entertaining the guys who drew the assignment of driving women to said shower, and I have no idea what that will entail. After the shower, though, Brandi and I are going to Cleveland to see Edwin McCain in concert at the House of Blues. I've lost count of how many times I've seen him live, but I think this will be the tenth. We'll be driving back to BG that night, and I plan to sleep all day on Sunday.

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