Friday, June 02, 2006

Catch You on the Flip Side

Wedding Post #4: The Calm Before the Storm

So I'm getting married tomorrow. Maybe you've heard. At this point, the festivities are about to start rolling at full speed. Some of the participants will be arriving in town at any moment now, and then things will start happening for real. I have to go up to Toledo to pick up tuxedos for myself and a couple of my groomsmen, and then it's back into BG to greet more people as they arrive. I'll have to come back to the apartment at some point to change clothes and get ready, and then we're rehearsing this evening with dinner afterwards. I'm sure some of us will go out for a couple of drinks after dinner, but gently. I may be up late tonight, but not rocking out.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to get up at least a little bit early just to kind of chill out and be with myself for a while. I may take a walk around campus to clear my head and just meditate on and take in everything that's happening. I know that everything will go fast once tomorrow gets moving in earnest, and I just want to make sure I'm focused and prepared for it. Not that I'm freaked out or anything--far from it--but since I'm going to have a whole bunch of people in my face for the majority of the day, I think it will be nice to have some quiet time beforehand.

So the next time I post, I will be a married man. This, however, will probably be my last post for a little over a week, as I'm sure I won't have time to write again before Brandi and I leave for our post-wedding vacation. When I get back, though, I'm sure I'll be eager to expound on everything that's happened in the meantime.

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