Saturday, January 06, 2007


Now that the chaos of the holidays is behind us, it's time to settle back into the routine of starting a new year. Here are some things I'd like to keep in mind for myself throughout 2007.

1. For some unknown reason, I totally flaked out on my reading and movie logs about halfway through the year. I don't know if anyone even looks at them besides me, but it's something I do like keeping track of for myself. So this year I definitely want to stay on top of that. I have an idea that might make it easier to do, and that should help.

2. Because of said flaking-out, I have no idea how well I did on last year's goal of reading fifteen new books and seeing twenty-five new movies. If the list I compiled based on memory is accurate (and I'm pretty sure it is), I failed miserably on both counts with just eight of each. Reading and seeing movies are two of my most basic pleasures, so I have no doubt that I'll do better this year. I'll renew last year's goal of fifteen new books and twenty-five new movies.

3. Writing. No matter how much of it I do, I always want to do more, and this year is no exception. Fiction, blogging, my personal journal, even email (friends rejoice!). More, more, more. I also want to make a concerted effort to get more of my work out there for consumption by others.

4. I'm getting a new car this year, dammit, and the sooner the better.

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