Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Playing Catch Up

Not having enough interesting material for a full post on any single topic, here instead is a scattershot post, running a gamut of various things that have been on my mind over the course of the past two weeks.

  • I took two days off from work last week due to inclement weather. I am now officially done with winter. My car is not dealing with the cold particularly well (although, to be honest, it's doing better than I expected it would), and I'm starting to feel like a slug from being unable to get out and do anything even mildly physical. My membership at the BG community center has lapsed, so I'm looking forward to warmer weather that will let me get out and run, shoot some hoops, and maybe even do some stadium stairs. Hell, even being able to walk four blocks onto campus for the basketball games would be better than nothing.

  • Of course, spring training started at the end of last week, the surest sign that winter is on its way out. Hallelujah, and go Reds.

  • Since my last post, a missive advocating the retention of Dan Dakich as head coach of the BGSU men's basketball team, said coach underwent a fairly well publicized meltdown following an overtime loss that should have been a win in regulation (here's a game recap for those of you who missed it). While it seems from the half-assed and barely interested comments of BGSU athletic director Greg Christopher that the rant may have been the final nail in Coach Dakich's coffin, I stand by my statements. In fact, this is a prime example of why I'm so strongly in his corner. Any "schmucky, used-car salesman of a coach" could have handled the arbitrary loss handed to his team with some cliché about "a tough way to lose a game," but Dakich got fired up and fought for his guys. Sure, he ended up getting his hands smacked by a league commissioner and an athletic director too busy scheduling Tuesday-night football games for next season to be bothered with anything as trivial as "doing the right thing." Anyone surprised by that hasn't been paying attention to how the MAC does business (check out this commentary from the Buffalo News on how silly this incident makes the conference look). Still, if the end is near for Coach Dakich (and I'm still holding out at least slim hopes that it is not), at least he's not going down without a fight.

    (Okay, I could have turned this topic into a full post if I had chosen to post the full text of the email I sent to the MAC commissioner, deputy commissioner, and director of men's basketball operations regarding my disgust with the matter, but why beat a dead horse?)

  • Speaking of dead horses...I really hope Kris Dielman doesn't end up with the Browns. What a nightmare that would be. Stay in San Diego, Kris! Norv Turner can't be that bad...right?

  • I think Futurama was a better show than The Simpsons, and I don't care who knows it. Thank the Force for Adult Swim, though, because otherwise I never would have known it.

  • Oh yeah...you'll notice some changes around here as I transition to yet another new layout. I finally found one I like that is compatible with new Blogger and thus usable for all of my blogs (conveniently linked in one sidebar or another, depending on where my whims take them). So there may be some reduced functionality for a while. Just bear with me, if you would, and feel free to shoot me an email or leave me a comment if something looks weird or doesn't work for an inordinate amount of time.
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