Thursday, April 12, 2007

100 Things I Greatly Enjoy

You may (or may not) remember my list of 100 Things I Greatly Dislike, which I posted over six months ago. I meant to follow it up with this list in short order, but that obviously didn't happen. Now, however, without further ado, I present to you 100 Things I Greatly Enjoy:

  1. Google, and all the myriad services they offer
  2. Household pets
  3. Bookstores and libraries
  4. A cool breeze coming through an open window
  5. The Sims and Sim City
  6. A quiet evening at home with my wife
  7. Having lunch at Wendy's virtually every Friday for over five years
  8. My iPod
  9. A glass (or two) of a good Riesling
  10. Calvin and Hobbes
  11. Being under pressure and thriving
  12. Being a townie in the town where Brandi and I both went to college
  13. Stretching after a hard workout
  14. Staying awake until the sun comes up
  15. Transformers (more than meets the eye)
  16. Leaving work early for whatever reason, especially on a Friday
  17. Playing catch
  18. Making people laugh
  19. Live music
  20. Unexpected emails or phone calls from friends
  21. Hearing various languages spoken
  22. Driving (especially at night)
  23. Thunderstorms
  24. Inside jokes
  25. March Madness
  26. Watching Jeopardy! and playing along
  27. Hearing my wife sing and/or play guitar
  28. Going out for a drink with co-workers
  29. Dancing
  30. A good bowl of chili
  31. Re-reading a great book
  32. A brisk late afternoon/early evening in the fall
  33. Riding my bike
  34. Occasionally watching the DVD slideshow of photos from my 10-year high school reunion
  35. Cotton shorts with "BGSU" emblazoned across the back
  36. Vibrant colors in the sky at sunset
  37. Being creative in just about any form
  38. Oreos and milk
  39. Family Guy, Futurama, and South Park
  40. Songs that tell stories
  41. Bowling
  42. Spending time in my hometown of Troy, Ohio
  43. Flying
  44. Star Wars action figures (especially the ones with lightsabers)
  45. Mist rising from ponds in the morning
  46. Photography
  47. NCAA Football video game
  48. Listening to Marty and Joe (now Marty and Thom) do a Reds game on the radio
  49. Root beer
  50. A full moon on a clear night
  51. Sophomoric humor
  52. Being around intelligent and creative people, and counting them as friends
  53. Reading stuff I wrote a long time ago
  54. Being challenged
  55. Seeing epic movies in a good theater
  56. The potato, in just about any form
  57. Visiting new sports venues, particularly high school football stadiums
  58. Making lists, apparently
  59. Snow in the moonlight
  60. Having time to myself
  61. Recognition for a job well done
  62. Shooting hoops
  63. The fact that Lady Justice on top of the Miami County courthouse faces away from Piqua
  64. Discovering new music
  65. Physical contact
  66. Listening to people talk about anything they have a passion for
  67. Taking people (especially myself) by surprise
  68. When it's so hot outside that it takes your breath away
  69. Being at the ocean, or any large body of water
  70. Froot Loops
  71. Receiving and paying compliments
  72. The stillness that comes only very late at night/early in the morning
  73. Yellow highlighters
  74. People with a dry or off-kilter sense of humor
  75. Having a vast wealth of obscure and trivial knowledge
  76. Sheer absurdity
  77. Prose that is almost poetry
  78. Fruit snacks
  79. The word "defenestration"
  80. Crowds (most of the time)
  81. Halloween costumes
  82. Dense fog
  83. Being in Anderson Arena or Troy Memorial Stadium
  84. Going for a walk
  85. College bowl season
  86. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  87. Most forms of pasta
  88. Going out for dinner with friends/family, and the rare occasions when I'm able to call for the check
  89. Staying in hotels
  90. Long, hot showers
  91. Troy beating Piqua, or BGSU beating Toledo, at any sport or competition
  92. Weird, vivid dreams that I remember upon waking
  93. Lemonade
  94. The crack of the bat
  95. People reading novels in public
  96. Riding in the car, and being able to check out the scenery
  97. Pillows and blankets
  98. Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints, mostly)
  99. Words, words, words
  100. Spending the last four years of my life with Brandi (with many, many more to come)

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