Monday, August 27, 2007

Dublin Coffman 56 Troy 14

Week one of high school football season is now in the books. It's kind of amusing to sit in the stands for the first game, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, squinting in the sun, maybe sweating a little, and knowing that over the course of the next ten weeks the outfit will evolve to include jeans, long-sleeved t-shirts and sweatshirts, then a jacket, and then maybe, just maybe, a full-blown winter coat.

The Trojans were just overmatched in this game, as I had a feeling they might be. Dublin's players were bigger and faster, and there were more of them. Given all of that, I wasn't terribly disappointed with how the game played out. Troy definitely did some good things. They had a couple of offensive series that looked really good. Defensively, they stopped the run well and had several takeaways. They hurt themselves with penalties and a turnover of their own, and the pass defense looked a little weaker than I had hoped. Still, it was only the first game, and it was a very tough opponent. I have no doubt that these things will iron themselves out starting this coming Friday with the home opener against Springfield South.

The real highlight of this game, though, was that it gave me a chance to hang out with my friends Matt and Jessica. Jess and I go way back to our days together in Mr. Rieck's American History class our junior year at Troy High School, and she now lives in the Columbus area with her husband Matt, who is a Coffman alumnus. So we met up at the game, and hung out for a little bit afterwards, which was awesome. Too bad I couldn't have gotten a Trojan victory to go along with it, but the trip was definitely worthwhile.

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