Monday, October 29, 2007

Wayne 21 Troy 7

And so it ends.

It's funny. Any other time of year, ten weeks seems as an eternity. In late summer and through the fall, however--from late August through late October--those same ten weeks pass by in an eyeblink.

For the Trojans, the seasons ends as it began: with a loss. As was the case all too often this season, the men of Troy put up a valiant fight only to find themselves overmatched in the end. Again, a loss overshadowed another stellar performance from Corey Brown, who finished the night with 174 yards on 23 carries, and 1,802 for the year.

There was some thought that the Trojans might come out flat following a thrilling and emotional win over archrival Piqua last week. That didn't seem to be the case for the players, who have given everything they have all season long, but it was certainly true of the Troy fans. It was a small, quiet crowd, and the downpour that blew in leading up to halftime certainly didn't help. I was impressed, though, that most fans did stick around through the rain.

Troy finishes the season at 4-6. I really believe the team was better than the record indicates, and the players certainly deserved better, but there it is. Once again, 'wait 'till next year' is the rallying cry, and next year comes in 42 weeks. Let the countdown begin.

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