Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pure Luna-cy

So Luna's been with us for two months as of today, and I think we're finally on the right track. Her ear mites are gone, I think; her eye has healed; her ringworm is mostly cleared up (although she still takes medicine with food, and I think we'll keep bathing her once a week for at least another week or two); and she's been fixed and declawed. I do feel bad about getting her declawed, but I don't miss all the scratches. I have a couple that are still healing, actually.

The week she came home following her surgeries was really interesting, as she was visibly feeling better each day. The first couple of days she mostly just slept (that isn't terribly unusual, of course, but in this instance I really mean constantly), but then she just seemed a little more normal each day. Now she's back to her regular frisky self, and then some. She still has a square on her belly that was shaved when she was spayed; the hair is growing back, but it's still pretty funny. We make fun of her all the time, but she doesn't seem to mind.

She's definitely a little calmer since the surgery, at least at night. She was a real handful for a while, especially the few days she went into heat before we could get her fixed--blazing around the place, climbing on tables and walls...basically doing all the things she's not allowed to do when we're awake, and doing them loudly. Now she just comes in and lays with us when we go to bed, or shortly after, and if she sneaks off after that for a bit of alone-time, she does so quietly (usually). She generally wakes Brandi and me up around 5:00-6:00 a.m., wanting to be affectionate--she curls up by our faces, paws at us, and purrs loudly. Once we wake up and pet her for a few minutes, she's content to run along and do her own thing for a couple more hours until one of us finally gets up.

But she's still really playful, though, too. The past couple of days she's been hiding a little bit, lying in wait, then ambushing me as I walk past, jumping out of her hiding spot and wrapping her "arms" around my leg. And I found out just a few minutes ago that she likes it when I chase her--she was crouched down with that crazy look in her eye, so I jumped at her a little bit, then went after her when she darted off. I chased her down the hall into the bedroom, then picked her up and swooped her around, and her purr was working overtime.

So, yeah, she's fun. We've had her for two months and the newness of being cat owners (or cat parents, as we refer to ourselves) hasn't worn off. We laugh at her all the time.

Rest assured, though, that I have cat pictures and cat stories out of my system for the time being. I'll find something else to talk about next time.

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