Friday, September 12, 2008

Centerville 48 Troy 14

Sometimes even a good team can run into a buzzsaw. I think that's what happened to the Trojans in this game. The Elks (or "Elk," if you prefer the precise nomenclature) were so much bigger than the Trojans on the offensive and defensive lines that the Trojans didn't have much of a chance, particularly on defense. Granted, the size differential wasn't a problem against Xenia, but against a disciplined team like Centerville, it was. Trojan defenders found themselves blocked at every turn and unable to get to the ballcarrier, and thus the Elks were able to do pretty much whatever they wanted.

Offensively, the Trojans were able to do some things, at least here and there. They had some drives stall due to penalties and mistakes, and again, I think a lot of that can be attributed to Centerville's stronger line wreaking havoc. Overall, I think I'd take Troy's skill players, but Centerville's lines. And that's not meant as disrespect to Troy's linemen, who have played out of their minds and performed admirably so far this year.

Admittedly, my perception of the game may be a little skewed, as I arrived late and missed the entire first quarter. Centerville was already up 14-6 by the time I found my seat. Just like old times, really - I had to drive down from Toledo after getting off work at 5:00, something I used to do each week instead of just once in a season. I found that I don't miss it. I actually kind of like the drive, having some time to just zone out and rock out to some tunes, but I can definitely do without missing the early part of the game.

And it wasn't a total loss - I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in years, and I got to meet his wife for the first time and chat with them for a few minutes. So that was pretty cool.

Next week brings another tough test, as the state-ranked Wayne Warriors (4-0) pay a visit to Troy Memorial Stadium. The Trojans have a tendency to play well against Wayne even when they aren't necessarily supposed to, so this game could be interesting. Hopefully they'll be able to get back to their winning ways as they return home.

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