Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Christmas Haul

Returning to work on Monday morning brought home the ugly reality that the Christmas holiday is over, taking with it my five consecutive days off. With everything going on, I certainly didn't get five days of rest. Fortunately, this is another short week, although the upcoming four-day break for New Year's may turn out to be just as hectic.

Still, no complaints from me, as Santa Claus did well this year. The first gift-opening extravaganza took place at Brandi's parents' house on Christmas Eve, where we received a really nice wine serving set, which will be a nice complement to the wine fridge they gave us last year. Most of the rest followed on Christmas day, when I got a gift certificate for a massage plus a sweater and a pair of jeans from my parents. From Brandi's mom I got a couple of polo shirts and more candy than I'll be able to eat in the next two weeks. From Brandi herself I got some deodorant (a long-standing joke between us), the final season of Futurama on DVD, a DVD player for our bedroom, a memory foam pillow, and a showerhead that'll do just about anything except cook dinner (and I'm not even sure about that). Due to a package delivery mishap, the last of my items from her didn't arrive until Monday afternoon, and they were a Chewbrian (Chewbacca/Brian) bobblehead from Family Guy's "Blue Harvest," and a mini-calendar from the same show.

The big prize of the season came from my company Christmas party, where I won a Garmin GPS system, which is totally sweet. It's come in handy already, as it helped Brandi and I navigate our way through some relatively unknown neighborhoods here in town as we conducting our annual Christmas lights sightseeing tour, and it also took us a different way to her parents' house when we went up there for Christmas Eve, saving us a little bit of time. I do pretty well with maps and directions, but it'll definitely be handy to have access to that kind of information on the fly, especially anytime we find ourselves in need of a detour or some kind of pit stop along the way.

Of course, there's a downside to the holiday as well. I got Brandi something I knew she wanted - a pair of tickets to see Britney Spears perform in Columbus in April. On the plus side, she was pretty stoked; on the down side, I'll be going to the concert with her. Oh, I don't really feel one way or the other about Britney - I'm sure the show will be entertaining, even if it's more for the spectacle than for the music. I'm just not thrilled about being in an arena full of screaming 12-year-old girls. I told Brandi that her part of this bargain is that she has to pay for my drinks that evening, and quite a few may be necessary to get me through it.

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