Monday, June 08, 2009

No Longer Hypothetical

Now it's official: Brandi and I bought a house.

We closed toward the end of May, but since the people we bought it from were still living there, we didn't get the keys and actually take possession of it until last Friday. We spent a fair portion of this weekend over there getting familiar with the nooks and crannies, taking measurements, and getting ready for painting. I'll tell you this - the people who lived there before us did not believe in nails. I spent about an hour last night removing screws and drywall anchors.

We'll try to do the bulk of our painting next weekend, and then we're having the carpets cleaned the following Monday. At that point we'll be able to start moving in our stuff. The only other thing we really need to do is have a landscaping expert come over to help us make some sense of the tangle of plants that surround the place. Luckily, we know such a person, so hopefully that won't be much of a problem.

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