Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's Going On

First off, I'd like to acknowledge that I got my driver's license sixteen years ago today. I'm having a rough time wrapping my head around that. You spend so much of your young life pining for the day when you can get behind the wheel...and I've now reached a point where I've been able to do it for just as long as I was unable to do it. Bizarre. At any rate, I had every intention of posting a picture or two of my first car, but I couldn't find any. I'll get 'em up if I come across any, though.

I haven't found any car pictures yet, but in looking for them I did come across one photo I wanted to share - a photo of my almost seven-year-old self with one of my first prized possessions (well, one of the first that wasn't Star Wars-related, anyway). That's right: it's MJ's Thriller album on cassette. I listened to that thing nearly nonstop; it was toast in no time.

Secondly, I'm extremely excited that my contract with my current cell phone carrier ends tomorrow. I have no qualms with the carrier itself; I just really hate my phone, the second consecutive phone I've hated, and I'm ready for a new one. Since Brandi's contract with her carrier doesn't expire for a long time, I'm just going to port my number over there and join her under a family plan. We're planning to go get new phones this weekend. I'm looking for something with a full keyboard, since I'd rather text than talk anyway.

Between now and then, though, my favorite time of year will begin. On Friday night I'll get my first look at this year's edition of the Troy Trojans as they have their annual scrimmage against the Dunbar Wolverines at Troy Memorial Stadium. You know what that means, boys and girls - you'll be able to count on at least one post a week from me starting on Friday and running through October, as I recap each week's game experience. The Trojans have a young team this year, so I'm really looking forward to getting out there on Friday and getting a first impression.

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