Friday, September 06, 2013

Springfield Shawnee 31 Troy 28

Since I finished last week's recap with fashion, that's where I'll start this week. I noted that Troy's away uniforms are great; the home unis, not so much. They're red with black trim on the sleeves and black numbers, and I just don't like the black. It might be better if it was gray instead. For me, nothing will ever beat the classic Trojan home look of basic red jerseys with white numbers, with silver helmets and pants. And the Trojan star, of course, which I was happy to see painted on the field, even if it's no longer on the helmets.

Unfortunately, the new uniforms weren't the only fashion faux pas committed this week. For some reason, the students were encouraged to wear purple, and sadly, quite a few of them complied. Yes, purple used to be the school color; the key words there are "used to." It's not anymore. If you want to wear a school color, wear red.

Of course, it's possible that I'm saltier about these things than I would be otherwise because of the outcome of the game. Defensively, Troy looked better than they did in their first game. Yes, Shawnee still put up 31 points, but I'll note that they scored 82 in their opener, so their offense is pretty good. The Trojans, on the other hand, had a hard time getting on track offensively, and overall, they looked a little sloppy, with several instances of players not realizing they should be on the field and having to sprint on at the last second. And that's too bad, because Shawnee wasn't exactly sharp. The Braves committed a number of penalties at critical moments, which allowed Troy to stay in the game. They just couldn't capitalize enough, which ended up putting this game in the loss column.

One thing that was really cool, though, was the induction of the first class into the new Trojan Athletics Hall of Fame. Eight of the ten honorees were former football players, and seeing all that Trojan history on the field at one time was awesome.

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