Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Perfect Pizza (and So Forth)

  • Last night I ordered pizza from Papa John's for dinner. When the pizza arrived, I opened the box to find the most incredible-looking pizza I have ever seen. It looked so good, in fact, that I found it necessary to take a picture:

    The photograph simply doesn't do this pizza justice, but rest assured that it looked even better in real life than it does above, where it still looks pretty damned good. I took a leftover slice to work with me today for my lunch, and a couple of people in the lunchroom commented on how good it looked.

  • Speaking of work, tomorrow is our company Christmas party, which should be pretty interesting. The people I've talked to have all said that company parties are generally a good time, so I'm looking forward to it. I saw some of the prizes sitting in our company president's office yesterday, and they were good ones.

  • Also, our department was told today that we're being taken out to lunch one day next week on the president's dime. We've been told not to wear jeans that day, so we must be going someplace really nice. I think we're being rewarded for a job well done with our last catalog deadline, which was last week. We already had a meeting to be congratulated and thanked for getting it done well and on time. I can't even believe the contrast in this area from my last job, where no one was ever congratulated, thanked, or rewarded for anything. In addition, the president made a point to pull me aside today to ask how things are going so far. I can tell already that he really is interested in keeping employees happy, as well as customers. I think that's awesome.

  • I found out last night that former BGSU quarterback Josh Harris has signed with the Cleveland Browns to be a backup there for the rest of the season. I hate the Browns with every ounce of my soul, but I am excited for Josh. I would love to see him do well in the pros. I think he will, after some seasoning, and this move may give him a chance to get some playing time and some much-needed experience this year. I'm really hoping, personally, that he doesn't end up with the Browns long-term, but as long as he does well, I'm all for it, no matter which team he plays for.

  • The extended edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King came out today on DVD, and I hustled out after work to pick up my copy. Brandi and I watched it tonight, and it's incredible. The added and extended scenes add about 50 minutes to the film, making it over four hours long, but it's totally worth it. Everything added serves to give the film just a little bit more flavor, or to help clear some things up. I wish the makers of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban would have done something similar--as good as that movie was, they left some gaping holes in it. That aside, I really have to say that the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the finest series of movies I've ever seen, and by a pretty wide margin. I intend that as no slight to the Star Wars films, which I love. The LotR films are just incredible in every aspect. Of course, watching the movie has given me the urge to read the books again, so I'll probably start on those pretty soon.

  • I've been using Mozilla's Firefox browser the past couple of days, trying it out as an alternative to Internet Explorer. I'm still getting used to some aspects of it, but overall I like it. It really does seem to be faster, and that's nice.
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