Tuesday, September 26, 2006

100 Things I Greatly Dislike

In no particular order:
  1. George W. Bush
  2. People driving in the left ("passing") lane of the interstate for no apparent reason
  3. Cigarettes
  4. Censorship in any form
  5. Golf highlights on ESPN
  6. My alarm clock
  7. Country music
  8. The belief that NASCAR is a sport
  9. Homophobia
  10. Cottage cheese
  11. Televangelists
  12. Slow bartenders
  13. When new products disappear as soon as I develop an attachment to them
  14. Barry Bonds
  15. Prices at concession stands
  16. Road construction
  17. Movies featuring monkeys
  18. Headaches
  19. People cheering for any college team at the expense of their own alma mater
  20. Haircuts
  21. Political campaign commercials
  22. "Boy bands"
  23. Jake Lloyd
  24. Ordering regular Coke and receiving Diet instead
  25. Bugs
  26. Overzealous parents
  27. The unavailability of The Wonder Years on DVD
  28. Mornings
  29. SUVs
  30. Pop-up ads
  31. People not coming through in the clutch
  32. People not flushing in public restrooms
  33. Popped collars
  34. The fact that I can't sing
  35. Microsoft Word
  36. Horse racing
  37. My iPod's failure to update
  38. Brett Favre
  39. Gas prices
  40. Businesses with no significant web presence
  41. Poor grammar, diction, spelling, and/or typography
  42. Whining
  43. When people are in the way and make no effort to move out of it
  44. Beer
  45. The University of Toledo
  46. Anyone who thinks "redneck" is something to be proud of
  47. Car problems
  48. Broken links
  49. Being awoken by lawn equipment early on a Saturday or Sunday morning
  50. Reality TV
  51. Greedo shooting first
  52. Racism
  53. Being paid less than what I'm worth
  54. Seafood
  55. Leonardo DiCaprio
  56. Restarting my computer after a software install
  57. Being accused of something I didn't do
  58. Fiction with poorly written dialogue
  59. Being left out of the loop on anything that concerns me
  60. Chicken pox scars
  61. Losing touch with old friends
  62. Anyone younger than, say, twelve years old
  63. Those ribbon stickers on cars
  64. Piqua
  65. The assumption that fans of fantasy and science fiction are socially substandard
  66. Traffic lights that stay red for far too long
  67. Ampersands
  68. Inconsistency
  69. The institution of marriage
  70. Olives
  71. When someone tries to quote from a movie but gets the quote wrong
  72. Poor officiating in any sport
  73. Conformity
  74. Privacy invasions
  75. Being late
  76. The word "raunchy"
  77. Sweetest Day
  78. Websites that are slowed by ads, especially if they're animated
  79. Eli Manning
  80. When people behind me in bleachers can't keep their knees out of my back
  81. The too-common practice of not using turn signals
  82. "Two Turntables and a Microphone"
  83. The smell of dog food
  84. Free-verse poetry
  85. Wearing a tie
  86. Having a large nose
  87. Instant replay in both the NFL and college football
  88. Portable toilets
  89. When people just sit next to an ATM after their transactions are done
  90. Ding Dongs no longer being wrapped in foil
  91. The New York Yankees
  92. Needles
  93. When opinion, belief, or total inaccuracy is presented as truth or fact
  94. Tom Brady
  95. Arrogance
  96. When people park so that their vehicles take up two spaces
  97. Hurting anyone's feelings
  98. Being told what to do
  99. Speed limits
  100. Not being a college student

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