Wednesday, February 18, 2004

A Milestone

I just realized I've been at my current job two years as of today. This means I should shoot myself.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I would list some of the things I like about my job. You know, since I mostly bitch about it.

  • I work very close to the airport. Airplanes fascinate me, and sometimes I get to see them up close as they're coming in to land. Sometimes Air Force jets do maneuvers over there, and that's pretty cool to watch. I have a big window in my office that looks in that direction, and that's nice.
  • I have a lot of free time here, so I can do a lot of writing (as you've noticed), internet surfing, etc. This is all stuff I don't have to spend time doing at home, which leaves me free to do other things I need or want to do.
  • I like some of my co-workers.

    Yeah, that's about it.